Winter Leagues 2019 Starts this Friday

The New year is just a few hours old and yet we are looking ahead to the 1st big competition of 2019. The Winter Leagues have become a firm favourite with the members and allow some of our members to play in January and February when they would otherwise have taken a break. The nature of the leagues allows players to miss a week or two if the weather is poor or have a bad score if they find themselves a bit rusty after the Christmas break and their team can still be in the shake up for the top prize come the 2nd weekend in March. 

The Winter Leagues will start this weekend. We ask those who have not yet entered but would like to play to pay the €5 entry fee before your 1st round at the weekend or get your name on the sheet on the board. Teams will be then be drawn from those who enter and scores will count from this weekend. It will be 4 players per team ( however we may have some 5 player teams if some players feel they may just be able to play a few weeks or if the numbers determine this), it will still be the teams best 3 scores to go forward each week. At the end of the 10 weeks, it will be the team's best 8 scores that will determine their overall position in the Winter Leagues. Of course if the weather gets very bad and certain weekend are washed or snowed out then this may be adjusted. 

In addition to the winter leagues there will be a competition each week that all players scores will count in. There will be an 18 Nett prize in all 5 sections.  For those who pick up a win at the weekend they will get a temporary 2 shot cut up to St.Patricks DAy and if you win more than once you will get a further 1 shot temp cut till March 17th. 

We wish all the players the best of luck taking part and we will announce the winter League draw once it is released. 

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