Winter Leagues: Team H are out in front after Week 4

We are getting close to halfway stage and Team H are now well in front on 493 9 ahead of Team F. Team J are now in third but 13 shots further back. There is three other teams close by. Team K join Team B  as they too had to drop a score with just two counting scores, Week 5 is halfway point and it might be very cold on Friday and Saturday before mild weather kicks in. 

Leaderboard (Week 4)

Team H: 492

Team F: 502

Team J: 515

Team I: 517

Team C: 519

Team A: 522

Team E: 522

Team G: 543

Team D: 549

Team B: 390 *

Team K: 395*

* - just 3 counting Scores. 


Winter League Table


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