Winter Leagues Week 7: Team H extend lead over Team F

Week 7 of the Winter leagues and a touch of spring as the month of March approaches, the weather may have turned but the team at the head of affairs show no signs of being derailed. Team H once again posted another excellent score with Tony Byrne and Kevin Keatinge adding another 41 and 42. They had just 3 players in action but they once again posted the best score of the weekend. Team F look well positioned to finish 2nd but as the weeks run out they need some really low scores to pull in the leaders. Joe Byrne wth a 42 was the best of this trio. Behind them the other teams are jocking for positions.  Team J's Vera Moore again was the lowest scorer with a 38. Team K's Michael Quinn with a 40 and Madeline Nugent also shot a low score with a 40 for Team A.

Leaderboard after Week 7

Team H: 872

Team F: 890

Team J: 902

Team C: 916

Team A: 925

Team E: 929

Team I: 930

Team D: 954

Team G: 832 *

Team B: 660 **

Team K: 678 **

* - Only 6 counting scores 

** - Just 5 Counting Scores.

Winter League Scores


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