Winter Leagues Week 3 - Team H in Control

We saw some phenomenal scoring in Week 3 of Winter Leagues and none more so than Team H where the three counting players all broke 40, Tony Byrne, Kevin Keatinge and Angela Smith. Team E have been struggling of late but Phyllis Davis did her bit with a 39. Team F continue to be in contention with David Redmond and Christy Broe hitting 41 and Joe Byrne with 43. Vera Moore from Team J was also among the leading scores with a 38. A long way to go but some teams are really hitting form as we approach the half way point. Team D have had very little to cheer but well done to Gerry Clarges with a 41. Team B have just played two weeks but at 257 their scoring is well in touch with the leaders. 


Team H: 368

Team F: 375

Team C: 384

Team A: 386

Team J: 387

Team I: 389

Team E: 392

Team K: 395

Team G: 405

Team D: 411

Team B: 257 * - Just 2 counting Scores so Far. 


Winter League Scores

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