Winter Leagues: Team H complete handsome victory

There was no late heroics as Team H completed their anticipated victory in the 2019 Winter Leagues. In fact most teams posted their worst score and a few did not get the required three players to put in a score. Team H have been excellent in particular Tony Byrne and Kevin Keatinge who regularly posted scores in the early 40's and at times hit the low 30's, Paul Griffin and Angela Smith played their part as well in securing an 18 shot win. Team F were 2nd and they too were excellent at times and again Joe Byrne & Christy Broe were regularly hitting scores in the low 40's, David Redmond too played his part and great to see Sadie contribute each week and be part of the runners up. In third place saw the gents captain Harry Holmes and Joe Canning and the very impressive Vera Moore who was the low scorer of this team with Rob Ryan the 4th member of the team. The full list is below, Well done to all who took part and the weather in the main was very good just a few windy & frosty mornings. We hope to see all those players come out in force this Sunday for the drive in. Thanks to our Comp Secretary who was very busy updating spreadsheets over the last 10 weeks and of course our sponsors Frehills Tavern where we will have the presentation on Friday March 29th. 

Winner: Team H: Paul GRiffin, Tony Byrne, Kevin Keatinge, Angela Smith 999

Runner up: Team F: David Redmond, Christy Broe, Joe Byrne, Sadie Fitzsimons 1017

Third: Team J: Joe Canning, Harry Holmes, Vera Moore, Rob Ryan 1029. 


Winter League Leaderboard:

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