Competition Results Weekend 14-16 Jan 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen the Results from last Weekends Sweepstakes Competition are as follows:

Gents Class 1 (+3 to -4) 18 Nett:  Tommy Lynam (H/C -4)  42 (o.b.9.)

Gents Class 2 (-5 to -11) 18 Nett: Tony Byrne (H/C -10)   41 (o.b.9.)

Gents Class 3 (-12 to 16) 18 Nett: Denis Grace (H/C -12)   37

Ladies A (0 to -13) 18 Nett:  Deirdre Curran (H/C -13)  40 (o.b.9.)

Ladies B (-14 to -21) 18 Nett: Bridie Roche (H/C -19)  42 (o.b.9.)

Congratulations to all the winners some fantastic scoring there. An excellent weekend's competition with 4 of the 5 grades going to back 9's to decide the winner. Shout out to Tom O'Reilly and Vera Glennon who shot a 41 and 48 gross respectively but just missed out on a prize. 

Winners are cut 2 shots for each win during the winter (doesn't effect your handicap for the winter league scores).

Thank you to everyone who played, great to see so many out playing this time of the year.

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